We are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with SnapLogic to become partners.

As part of our consulting service, we often support our customers by helping them to select the right integration product for their specific needs.  As we’ve said  before, the integration marketplace is congested and complex, with a vast range of technology products serving a wide range of differing technical use cases, skillsets and organisational needs.  Within that marketplace, we’ve seen Snaplogic emerge as a clear leader supporting many of those scenarios, and we’re very happy to be working with them and their customers.

In addition to being impressed by the platform’s ease of use, range of functionality, architecture and breadth of connectivity, we also feel a synergy with the values expressed by the partner team at Snaplogic.

Of course, the Snaplogic platform won’t be right for everyone, and it is never a good idea to go into a selection with a predetermined idea of the winner.  That’s why we always recommend our customers conduct a solid requirements analysis and evidence-led technology selection process to choose the right tooling for their specific needs.  Based on our experience, though, we do expect that on many occasions you’ll find that the Snaplogic platform is a excellent and cost-effective fit for your needs.

Those of you that know us will know that our consulting team is a fiercly independent group of people that prides itself on its impartiality when developing technology recommendations for our clients.  We want to assure you that, just as is the clear case with our WSO2 and Microsoft partnerships, this partnership will not impact the considered, impartial advice that we deliver as part of our strategy, architecture and platform selection services to our clients.  There are many factors that will determine if a technology platform is the right one for your needs and we are committed to guiding you through that process to select the right outcome for you.

For more information on Snaplogic, or our wider strategy, architecture and product selection services do contact us: hello@wheeve.co.uk, 01923 590095 or fill in our contact form.