Migration Planning

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor

There is a reason why many organisations have not one but many legacy middleware platforms; it’s because they are very difficult to retire.  Think about it: any middleware platform that has been well used could easily be mediating hundreds of mission-critical integration flows.  Often, business logic is embedded in those flows; often, the individuals that understood how they worked or where they are used in the enterprise are long gone.

The bottom line is that it’s often easier to just take the hit and leave the platform there.

But, over time, these legacy integration hubs become a brittle drain on resources and they must be decommissioned, with the integrations moved onto modern infrastructure.

Our consultants are experienced in planning migrations of interfaces from legacy platforms with many complex integrations.  Our methodology cuts through the complexity and simplifies the process, breaking down the process into manageable chunks, minimising risk and enabling you to retire those legacy platforms and stem the flow of cost.

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