An Executive Introduction to Integration

Duration1/2 day on site
FormatInstructor-led / presentation (minimal participation)
LevelNo experience necessary

Course Description

APIs, ESBs, microservices, patterns, gateways – what’s it all about and why should I care?

Systems integration has become a critical pre-requisite for the efficient running of any organisation.  No company of any size can get by without integrating their systems so that data is shared effectively.  Moreover, as organisations mature and digitise, integration moves out of the sole domain of the IT department and into the wider organisation.

Truly effective integration relies not only on technical experts but also on the wider organisation having an appreciation of the power, opportunity and flexibility that good integration provides.

This course is designed to give the non-technical a solid understanding of integration – what it is, how it works and what problems it can solve.  Armed with this knowledge, any business executive can make better decisions on how integration-supported processes, products and services will improve their offering to their customers.


Non-technical executives and managers at all levels.

Course Outline

  • What is integration & why is it important?
    • An overview of IT systems and the data they hold
    • The importance and benefits of sharing data
    • What problems integration solves and the needs it addresses
  • The business case for integration – an overview of the key components of the business case for integration using real-world examples.
  • Architecture – the basic scenarios for integration (B2B, EAI, IoT etc.) explained
  • Introduction to Integration Technology – a brief look at the integration technology landscape today and how the different tools meet different demands
  • How we do integration in our company (optional; customised).


An open mind and willingness to learn!

What to Know More?