Vision & Strategy

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?

Basil S. Walsh, American Author

Your integration vision captures your desired future shape for integration in your organisation. Without it, you and your team have no clear direction, and will inevitably waste time and valuable resources as you feel your way towards an accidental outcome. With a clear vision, you can build a strategy to achieve it, clearly articulating how you will get there. A strong integration vision must focus not only on technology – what platform(s) you will implement, in what order, with what technical capability – but also on the wider operating model that you will implement – will it be centralised or federated? Will you build from within or recruit externally? And so on. We work with you to formulate a vision of your future integration capability and develop a strategy with you to achieve that vision. Together, these form the cornerstone of your efforts to deliver an excellent integration capability.

What We Do

Our consultants will spend time with you, understanding your business, IT and digital strategies, investigating your systems architecture, and determining the drivers for change and constraints that must be respected.  We work with you to develop a vision for the future that meets your goals, and then a strategy for achieving that vision.

We develop materials that are written in your organisation’s tone of voice, in your templates, so that the final output resonates with your stakeholders.

As required, we support you in presenting and communicating the vision to senior stakeholders and the wider community, ensuring the best chance of success.

The whole process takes anything from four to six weeks, driven primarily by how easy it is for us to get access to the right stakeholders and information.

What You Get

We tailor our output to your specific requirements, and no Vision and Strategy output is ever the same (what would be the value in that?).  However, here are some of the most common deliverables:

  • Integration Vision and Strategy Presentation
  • Integration Capability Gap Analysis
  • Investment Budget
  • Integration Awareness Presentations

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