About Us

It was once the case that only large corporates had to try and get their IT systems to talk to each other.

Now every business has a growing portfolio of mission-critical IT systems supporting their daily activities, and making them all talk to each other can be a daunting task.

Wheeve was formed because we understand deeply how to solve these problems and we want to unlock these complexities to help your business to thrive.

Collectively, we bring decades of experience in solving the most challenging systems integration problems for many blue-chip corporates and mid-size enterprises alike.

  • We are architects, project managers, developers and more.
  • We understand how to determine the best way to deliver integration for your organisation.
  • We know the technology inside out.
  • We can strategise, design, organise and implement.

Maybe you have already invested in integration software, and are not seeing the RoI; or you may have particular business challenges to meet and need to build the team to achieve this; you might be thinking about a Centre of Excellence model.

Perhaps you just want to move data from A to B; or maybe you want to understand the opportunities that API’s can provide. You could even want to develop a set of REST or SOA services to enable reusable integration across your organisation.

Wheeve can help.