Understand Where You Are and Where You Need to Aim.

So you know that you need to improve your integration competence.  Other organisations are delivering API-led initiatives and their time-to-market for new propositions is much less than yours.  You’re convinced that a more mature approach to delivery of integration will make a difference.

But do you know what stage you are at and, just as importantly, do you understand what level you need to aim for?  Do you need to pitch for full devops with autoprovisioning of microservice endpoints and a full-scale hybrid platform supporting developers and business users, or is it more realistic to deliver an effective centralised integration team that uses your current platforms more effectively?  Is the extra effort going to be worth the extra investment?

A thoughtful maturity assessment will show you where you are on the maturity curve, and where you need to be, based on a trade-off between benefits and cost to get there.  For relatively little investment, you can maximise your future ROI.

What We Do


Through structured interviews and documentation reviews, we will understand your current processes, technologies, and skills. We will also build a picture of your future integration needs so we may determine the appropriate maturity level for you to target.


We will plug our findings into our holistic maturity model for integration, which assesses not only technology, but processes and people capabilities. We will determine an appropriate future operating model and use this to help measure your maturity goals.


We will build a comprehensive report on your current maturity and suggested future maturity.

We will present this to you and senior stakeholders / decision makers as appropriate.


Optionally, we will develop a plan for you that will map out the initiatives required to move your organisation up the maturity curve, from your current position, toward the maturity level that we have suggested to you.


Optionally, we can also develop a short- to mid-term remediation plan that will address any urgent and/or easy-to-fix issues that you may currently have with integration.

What You Get

Maturity Report

A detailed report that demonstrates your current maturity, and suggests an appropriate to-be maturity level.

Action Plan

A high-level plan for moving from your current maturity level to the agreed desired maturity level.

Remediation Plan

A short-term plan to remediate any urgent issues and capitalise on any short-term gains.

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