The Journey Starts Here…

Envision the future of integration in your organisation.

With a definite vision, you can build a strategy to clearly articulate how you will achieve your goals; without one, you lack direction, wasting time and valuable resources as you feel your way towards an accidental outcome.

Focus not only on technology, but also on the operating model that you will implement – will it be centralised or federated? Will you build from within or recruit externally? Will you outsource? And so on.

Our experts work with you to formulate a vision of your future integration capability and develop a strategy with you to achieve it. Together, these form the cornerstone of your efforts to deliver an excellent integration capability.

What We Do


Our consultants will spend time with you, understanding your business, IT and digital strategies, investigating your systems architecture, and determining the drivers for change and constraints that must be respected.


We will use our experience and knowhow to analyse what we have found and understand the best options for technology and operating model that will work for you. This will form the basis of the vision.


We will construct a vision for integration that supports your wider strategies, and respects the drivers and constraints that you have shared with us.. We will discuss this with you and use the feedback to update the vision accordingly..


Having built the vision, we will plan the most effective steps to achieve it, taking into account existing strengths and weaknesses and outside factors such as the wider business roadmap, changes in the market and industry trends.


We will present the vision and strategy to you and, key business stakeholders / budgetholders, helping you to achieve buy in and funding to embark on the implementation of your new vision for integration..

What You Get

We tailor our output to your specific requirements, and no Vision and Strategy output is ever the same. Here are some of the most common outputs.

Strategy Document

A presentation document, delivered in your company branding and tone-of-voice as required, that details the envisioned capability, and shows the steps that will be taken to get there. Suitable for consumption by senior executives, decision makers and budget holders.

Capability Gap Analysis

As part of our work to determine strategy for delivering your vision, we will conduct a gap analysis.  This will show you the areas that need the most change to deliver the vision.

Investment Budget

In our experience, a vision and strategy won’t get approved without an accompanying budget illustration, aimed at answering the inevitable “How much will it cost?” question. We can deliver a budgetary document showing how much the new capability will cost to set up, and to run on an enduring basis.

Awareness Materials

Some organisations benefit from some background materials that support the main strategy document.

Maybe senior executives are not clear of the potential benefits of systems integration; maybe the IT group need help understanding the benefits of an API-led approach. We can provide these materials as part of our vision and strategy engagement.

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