Build on Solid Foundations

APIs and integration platforms are a core component of any modern digital platform, and well-architected integration solutions are therefore critical to the success of your business..

A strong architecture demonstrates traceability from your enterprise use cases to platform components and integration solutions, so you know you can support the needs of your changing business.

If you’re embarking on a digital initative, driving a new API-led strategy, or simply want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery of integrations, don’t leave it to trial-and-error; Wheeve architects are experts in modern digital architectures and have designed platforms and integration solutions many times before. We know the pitfalls to avoid, and the shortcuts to get you there fast.

Let us help you build an integration architecture that adds real value to your business.

What We Do


Our consultants will spend time with you, understanding your business, IT and digital strategies, currrent systems architecture, drivers and constraints.


We take an analytical approach, using the data to determine the most effective architecture for your particular set of circumstances.


We work with key business and IT stakeholders to paint a picture of the future architecture and what it will mean for your business.


We build detailed designs for components to be delivered, suitable to take to the delivery stage.


We build roadmaps of change that show how the new architecture can be implemented on top of existing architectures.


We work at all levels to influence stakeholders and govern implementations to ensure that the architecture is realised.

What You Get

Architecture Assessment

Architecture Assessment

We present you with an assessment of your current integration architecture – strengths, weaknesses, and fit to your current and future needs.

We provide recommendations for appropriate steps forward to address the issues that we find,

Reference Architecture

Reference Architecture

Based on your specific situation, we will tailor a reference architecture (platform-agnostic) that shows what you should put in place to deliver an appropriate technical integration capability for your needs.

Target Architecture

Target Architecture

The target architecture for integration delivers an architecture design that can be used as a basis for detailed design and delivery of your integration platform capability.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Integration solution architectures show how the integration patterns will be implemented to deliver the integration requirements of your projects.

Architecture Roadmap

Architecture Roadmap

The architecture roadmap shows how and when the various elements of the architecuture come together over time, and their internal and external dependencies.

Architecture Governance

Archtiecture Governance

We adapt our standard integration architecture and design governance process and materials to meet your specific needs, ensuring that future integration solutions are aligned to the strategic architecture you are building.

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