Business Case

Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

For the integration-enlightened, the case for good integration is a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, however, the wider organisation – including those with decision-making responsibilities and purchasing power – are usually sceptical about the contribution such a capability can make.  Furthermore, delivering a good integration capability usually requires significant investment, which will take time to pay back.

We understand that a business case must be built not only around the financial pay-back but also around the opportunities and savings that are enabled by doing integration properly.  We work with your teams in IT, finance and the wider business to uncover those opportunities and quantify the benefits, such as reuse and API monetisation, to help you present a compelling business case.  We take your stakeholders on a journey and gain buy-in so that when the time comes to approve funding, the question is “When can you start?” rather than “Why?”

What We Do

Through a series of structured interviews with key stakeholders and a detailed review of your strategic documentation, we gain a thorough understanding of the priorities driving your organisation, the challenges it faces and the opportunities it sees.  We look for ways in which these are influenced by your ability to integrate your systems effectively and present a concrete case that demonstrates to your decision makers the following:

  1. How the investment in an effective integration capability will over time reduce the cost of IT projects (clear return on investment);
  2. How the investment will enable opportunities within the business that otherwise would not be possible, including opportunities to monetise data;
  3. How the investment will overcome current obstacles and challenges that are preventing your organisation from meeting its goals.

What You Get

We will deliver a business case that works within your organisation, and often that means using your templates.  There are usually two versions of a business case that we can deliver:

  1. A high-level business case that presents broad brush costs and benefits, suitable for presentation to senior decision makers and budget holders.  This is usually in presentation format.
  2. A detailed business case in a report and/or spreadsheet format that presents a careful analysis of the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities associated with the investment.

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