On 5 June, Wheeve will be joining circa 100 IT leaders at Global Business Intelligence’s CIO Summit at Said Business School, Oxford. The theme of the event is ‘Digital Transformation and the Future of Cyber Security’ and Wheeve will be hosting a roundtable.

CIO event banner Oxford.jpg

Here’s the event abstract:

Cloud Integration – Harnessing the disruptive influence

As a CIO, you have two options when it comes to digital transformation; lead the charge by placing your IT department at the centre of your new digital business, or, risk being sidelined by becoming nothing more than the support team that look after the running of the IT infrastructure.

In a rapidly changing IT landscape, gone are the days when building functionality in-house was the primary aim of the IT department. More and more components of the IT estate are moving to cloud operations and the scope of offerings are increasing to provide infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service. With this shift comes the increasing need to integrate these disparate islands of functionality and data to enable consumption, not only, by other systems but by business users, customers and third parties.

In this roundtable, we will explore the strategies that can be deployed to embrace this new way of exposing systems and data and discuss the merits and challenges of modern tooling and techniques such as agile development, DevOps, continuous integration, API management and crowdsourcing.

  • Can they really enable you to deliver flexible, open systems that can be used, in ways yet unknown, to increase business agility?
  • Is it possible to elevate systems integration from necessary cost to profit centre and growth enabler?

Join us for a lively debate and an insight into our experience of cloud integration.