Next week, on 6 February, the Enterprise IT Integration Forum will launch with a half-day conference at The Shard, titled ‘Enabling Digital Transformation Through Effective Integration‘. IT leaders and senior practitioners will gather to discuss the current landscape of systems integration, the challenges, opportunities and real-world examples of delivering business value through effective integration.

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One of the founding principles of Wheeve was the fundamental belief that systems integration could and should be done better, focusing not just on technology but also on people, process and sound integration principles. As integration veterans themselves, our founders Jon Boxall, Jack Hanison and Lesley Blankfield have worked in many well-known enterprise organisations and end-users, challenged by the complex and technical nature of this niche area of the IT landscape.

Since Wheeve was formed, we have facilitated many knowledge-sharing activities between our customers and these have had a real impact in helping businesses address challenges and make positive steps forward with their integration strategy. We wanted to help more organisations do this in a technology agnostic and practitioner-focused community. As there aren’t any current communities of interest serving this niche capability specifically, we decided to found the Enterprise IT Integration Forum.

Our role, as founding sponsor, is to provide the infrastructure to facilitate a powerful peer-to-peer knowledge sharing community. We have been overwhelmed with the interest in this community and our launch event next week is just the beginning. We have plans for an online community with forums and member-created content, in-person and online events lead by end-users currently doing great work in this area and original research that helps businesses to make the case for investing in integration. We are excited about the future of the Enterprise IT Integration Forum and hope to see our membership grow steadily this year. If you would like to get involved, please visit the website and sign up to join.